My Teacher Journey-Year 2


I have not been on this blog in some time as I have been busy teaching, which has been absolutely wonderful!  I am now in my second year in the same school in small town Saskatchewan.  I am in a unique small-school setting and teach a class of 10 students in grades K, 1, and 2.  I am also the student support teacher and I am a PeBL mentor for my school division.  PeBL stands for Personalized, electronic, and blended learning.  I absolutely love my position for many reasons.  Teaching such a small class allows me a great deal of one-on-one time with my students.  I am able to take risks with my students because we have built a relationship and they are not afraid to make mistakes in my classroom.  We have a great deal of technology in our building and can collaborate with the other class (grades 3-7) because of our unique small setting.  Looking back to what I imagined my ideal classroom would look like I feel as though this was fairly accurate.  My classroom is brightly coloured with displayed student work.  There is laughter and structure in my classroom and a great deal of imagination and collaboration.  I am right where I need to be with dreams and aspirations to go further and do better each and every day.  Time passes so quickly and I wish I had kept blogging during my first year of teaching but I am happy to get back on track now.  I plan to use this blog as a space to store updates on my teaching journey and to work through my strengths and struggles as a teacher.


Diversity Is…


D ynamic

I ndividuals

V ariety

E veryone

R eal

S earching

I ntelligent

T ruth

Y earning

My Future Ideal Classroom


My future ideal classroom is full of bright children that are attentive and excited to learn new things. My classroom has bright and cheerful colors, as well as posters and displayed student work. I have reliable and easy to use technology that can be easily implemented into my lessons. There is some talking in my classroom, but my students have structure and rules to adhere by. In my classroom, there is interactive learning and a variety of methods are used to teach to diverse learners and honor different ways of knowing. My classroom will be organized and neat as I value cleanliness in order for students to focus on their education. My classroom will be full of laughter and smiles because the atmosphere will be warm and welcoming. Overall, my future classroom only requires students and a few teaching tools in order for me to be the best teacher I can be.

Treaties-Quick Write



Nov 25, 2012


The treaties are still important today and they should not be disregarded just because they were written many years ago. If this were the case, the natives could take back the land that was rightfully theirs to begin with. We must understand what the treaties say, as well as teach the relevance that they have to all Canadian citizens. It is our role as teachers to be advocates for the treaties and teach their relevance in everyday life. Teachers must also be prepared to teach First Nations students at some time during their career. It is important to have the tools and skills necessary to do so effectively. One example of teaching First Nations students in a positive way is by co-operative learning. It is also important to teach First Nations students to embrace their heritage and understand their importance in society.

~Professional Growth Plan~


As my journey continues at university, and as I come closer to becoming a teacher, I have aspirations of gaining new subject knowledge and experiences. Volunteering has always been near and dear to my heart, so I would like to continue to volunteer at Mother Teresa Middle School, which I began doing as a service-learning project for my Religious Studies class. I would also like to start volunteering at the Regina Humane Society, which I loved doing back home. To gain new subject knowledge, I would like to take classes centered around drama and acting, and perhaps even join the drama club at the university. In the near future, I also hope to join the Faculty of Education’s student representative council. I enjoyed volunteering as a secretary in high school, and when I attended NAIT, so I would enjoy being part of the council. It is my hope to learn more about First Nations culture, either by taking a second class in Indigenous Studies, or by attending an event like a Pow Wow. Another subject that I have always been interested in, is Ancient Greek history. I would like to take an elective class in this subject to learn more about the exciting history of Greece. After my field experience, I am more aware of the necessity to have a broad based education to become a well-rounded teacher. I am also more aware of cultural diversity and the need to have a variety of teaching methods to meet the needs of diverse learners. Overall, I have many areas of interest and many goals to work towards. I hope that by the time I leave university, I have a thorough understanding of various subjects.

~Professional Teaching Practices~


From what I have observed so far, a wide variety of strategies and techniques exist and have a very positive effect in the classroom. My field placement teacher, Mrs. Bresciani, uses music as a device to gain the students attention and quiet them down after recess. As the music gets quieter, the students are expected to also lower their voices and prepare class to begin. Mrs. Bresciani also has different types of seating, such as exercise balls and swivel chairs, which help fidgety students to release their energy in such a way that they do not disturb other students. Based on my observations, teaching to diverse learners using a variety of teaching techniques is very effective. For the hands on and kinesthetic learners, I enjoyed mask making as an art project with Mrs. Bresciani’s class. As for the auditory learners, lecturing would accommodate their needs. For those who learn best visually, it would be beneficial to look at graphs and proof of how and why something works. As I begin this journey of becoming a teacher, I hope to develop more professional teaching techniques and practices.